Monday, 11 February 2013

Learning to surf in Australia

A lot of adventure tours will offer you the chance to surf in Australia. Not surprising, as it is the home of some of the world’s best surf beaches. You only have to look at the list of top 10 surfers in the world to recognise that most of them are Australian!

Surfing in Australia
If you are already a pro surfer, you might want to head straight to the aptly named Surfers Paradise itself in Queensland so you can surf by day and party by night with fellow watersports enthusiasts. If you’ve never tried it before, then your gap year in Australia might just be the best time to have a go.

The world famous Bondi Beach in Sydney is a good place to start, or catch a ferry across to Manly. Both beaches are popular for beginners, offering superb instructors while providing the full kit (wetsuit and board). 

Learn about different waves and winds, and after a bit of practice on the beach, grab a board, emulate the Aussies and jump right in.  They’ll have you popping up on the board and hanging 10 in no time!

Many adventure tour packages offer the chance to surf as part of a wider range of activities. Prices often encompass all activities, transport and meals so all you need to think about is having a great time.

If you are really serious about learning to surf, you can always try a surf camp trip which offers the opportunity of intensive surf lessons while travelling and camping across different parts of the country - an adventure tour with a difference. Whichever way you choose, you’ll have a great time!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Great Barrier Reef offers the best snorkelling experiences

A beautiful Stingray
The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most popular offerings found on Australian adventure tours. Snorkelling is a must and there is no better place to do it than in the world's largest coral reef system.  

One of the advantages of taking adventure holidays during your gap year when travelling alone, is meeting like minded people of similar age and attitude.
Port Douglas located just north of Cairns is a popular place to snorkel and catamarans leave from the port regularly.  

There are tours for all capabilities and some are wheelchair friendly. Sunbathe on the deck and chat to the friendly and often knowledgeable crew until you reach the outer reef where you’ll be provided with wetsuits, snorkels and floats – everything you need to explore this amazing underwater world.

If you’re interested in a more intimate experience, Cape Tribulation is where the reef meets the rainforest so trips out to the reef from this part of Queensland tend to start from a deserted beach.  Groups are normally less than 25 and the journey time from land out to reef is shorter. The reef is huge so if you get the opportunity to explore different parts you are likely to see more. In addition to clown fish, grouper fish and stingrays, you might also get a once in a lifetime opportunity to swim alongside turtles.

On land, it is highly recommended to explore the Daintree National Park too, which most Australia group adventures offer. Keep your eyes peeled for Cassowaries - a prehistoric emu-like animal with a protruding brain and a deadly middle toe. They are a rare and endangered species so if you are lucky enough to see one – it’s definitely one to write home about!